Rethymno Town Review

Review of Rethymno Town

Rethymno is the most mountainous area of Crete, having as well the coast, which is considered the best in the western part of the island, offering thus ideal resorts. The modern town of Rethymno has been developed amphitheatrically around the historical center. The old town of Rethymno is one of the best-preserved towns of the Renaissance. Lying in the heart of modern Rethymno, the old town presents a colorful blend of architectural influences, predominantly Venetian. Rethymno offers a wealth of natural and historical sites to be explored in the surrounding areas as well as a diverse range of activities and excursions.

Below are listed some of the main places of the town’s interest:

• Four Martys Square, the central square of Rethymno
• Heroes' Square, with the statue of the Unknown Soldier
• Arabatzoglou Street, known as “makri steno” (long alley)
• The Venetian harbor, with the famous lighthouse
• The Historical & Folk Museum of Rethymno with collections of woven fabrics, weaving equipment, embroidery, lacework, pottery, baskets, metalwork, coins, costumes and historical items
• The church of St Francis, built in the Venetian period as the Franciscan Friary church
• The church “Kyria ton Angelon” (Our Lady of the Angels), built by the Dominican Friars at the end of the Venetian period and dedicated to Mary Magdalene
• The Loggia, a Venetian building that used for meetings of the Venetian nobility and officials for taking decisions about trade and politics
• Kara Musa Pasha Mosque, a Venetian building that was originally the monastery of St Barbara and the Turks converted it into a mosque, adding domes and a minaret
• Nerantze Mosque, a Venetian building that was originally the church of the Augustinian Priory, dedicated to the Virgin, and the Turks converted it into a mosque with the addition of three domes
• Porta Guora, the Great Gate of Rethymno, is still recognizable as the imposing entrance to the fortifications built after the extension of the town
• Many Venetian mansions are preserved in Rethymno, particularly in Arkadiou Street
• Rimondi Fountain - water runs from three lions' heads into three basins

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